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Awkwardly Amorous, Episode 3: Are You Sold??

Passion is a must in any potential connection. Remember the gentleman being a wolf? Well at some point, I’d like to feel like Little Red Riding Hood, not her grandma. This is a process folks: passion cannot be manufactured. It is a slow process that must be built, preferably during the course of the day/week/whatever timeline you’re working with before you pounce. 
I’ll elaborate: Once upon a time, I sold vacuums door to door. Yes, people still do that.

 Anyway, one of the things I learned (besides how to clean ANY stain out of a carpet) is that sales is a transfer of emotion. So too, is dating. Sometimes the energy flows both ways, and sometimes it doesn’t. 

Right now, if you want to keep my attention, I have to be sold. What does it take to sell me  on this energy? 

  1. Make me laugh/smile/cry/amuse me: I have ADHD, I live for the dopamine. I am accepting memes, funny pics and sweet notes to say hello. Laughter is not only the best medicine, it’s a sure fire way to attract someone. Laughter is sorcery. Mesmerize me. 
  2. Compliments. Women live for compliments. All we need to survive is water and compliments. Heavy on the compliments, light on the water. 
  3. Be sincere: you can’t transfer an emotion you don’t feel. If you think I’m amazing, I want to hear it. If I make you smile, I want to hear it. If you’re thinking about me: I want to hear it. Just make sure you mean it. 

It is not complicated, people. If you are passionate, go for it. Show me. Sell it!

Awkward as always,



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