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Adult Coloring: Stress Relief At the End of A Colored Pencil (PLUS a free coloring book for you!)

I love adult coloring books. I did not always, but this coloring thing has been a trend for so long now that it has managed to break through my hardened skepticism about new trendy things. Some studies show that coloring helps to relieve stress and anxiety and even produces positive changes in heart rates and brain waves.

I am always a fan of anything that is going to reduce stress and help me stay mindful. That’s why I love grounding exercises too. Any kind of work that helps me to keep my mind in the present is something I am determined to get into. So I took my colored pencils and tried it, the rest was history.

Could coloring help you deal with routine daily pressures? Before you break out the crayons or colored pencils, find out more about this growing hobby.

Benefits of Adult Coloring:

Promote mindfulness. Coloring can help you to put aside regrets about the past and concerns about the future as you focus on what you’re doing in the present moment. In that sense, it does have positive effects similar to meditation. Mindfulness is an incredible strategy that can really help people with ADHD. Any time you can spend practicing mindfulness is time that you can spend strengthening those skills.

Think positive. Shifting your attention away from overdue bills and noisy neighbors can feel good. Your mood brightens as you contemplate pretty colors and interesting pictures. This is escapism in a really positive way. Sometimes we can escape into habits that are truly unhealthy for us and do ourselves harm. In the case of coloring, this is a way to enjoy escapism without some of the nasty side effects other habits can have.

Find balance. Any offline hobby that allows you to take a break from technology is a bonus these days. Checking social media or phone messages too frequently contributes to anxiety. If you can give your brain a break, please do so. I know I have a bad habit of scrolling social media endlessly and then wondering why I feel terrible after a few days. Our minds aren’t made to bear up underneath that kind of constant stimulation with no rest, yet we live in an increasingly digital society. Just keep striving for balance; something is better than nothing.

Enjoy flexibility. Compared to other hobbies, coloring is inexpensive and portable. You can do it waiting at the airport or sitting in a coffee shop. You can also do it outside while you get yourself a solid dose of sunshine. So often we get stuck in the house, this is a great activity to do while you get some gresh air at last.

Start small. Another major advantage to coloring is that it requires no significant skills to succeed. If you felt like an underachiever in high school art classes, you can still color between the lines. We really get caught up with the thought that art has to look perfect and be really well done or it isn’t worth doing. Remember when you used to draw in art class just for the fun of it? Remember making pieces that may not have been great, but the process was wonderful? You can get there again, coloring could be a wonderful bridge into greater creativity for you.

How to Make Coloring Therapeutic:

Look for patterns. Repetition, pattern, and detail seem to be the key elements. Studies show that coloring mandalas and geometric shapes is more soothing than working on unstructured designs.

Explore different themes. Adult coloring books offer a wide range of topics. Pick something that interests you, whether it’s science fiction or architecture.

Share your work. Add a social aspect. Frame your favorite masterpieces and put them on display for friends to see. Post images and comments on social media. Throw a party or color side-by-side with your children

Have fun. However you color, think of it as playtime. Let go of expectations and enjoy the process.

Additional Tips:

Consider art therapy. If you’ve experienced good results and you’d like to dive deeper, art therapy may provide more relief than just coloring. That’s because you interact with a trained counselor and you make your own original works.

Express yourself. Creativity brings out the best in us and helps us to better understand ourselves. You can learn more about yourself and communicate with others through drawing, painting, and other methods.

Continue your education. You may be more creative than you think. Sign up for a sculpture class or join a Meetup group where you can share feedback with other budding artists. Check the event listings at your local museum for lectures and hands-on activities.

Practice meditation. If you use coloring to promote mindfulness, you might want to deepen your experience with other forms of meditation. Try sitting for a brief period each day and working your way up to longer sessions.

Remember your childhood. Coloring seems to be especially effective with adults who previously enjoyed it as children. Maybe there are other youthful pastimes you want to revive like playing piano or baking cookies.

Coloring is an inexpensive and easy hobby that can help you relax. Whether you stick with putting the finishing touches on someone else’s designs or move on to creating your own works, you can use art to increase your mindfulness and find more peace.

Get your free coloring book!

It is mental health awareness month and I want to do something special for you. If you’ve wanted to try coloring but are in need of a coloring book, I’ve got your back. Click here to get your free BGLK coloring book! Happy mental health awareness month!

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