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ADHD and scheduling is a pain and the balance is between overwhelming and boring. Story of my life. A story in which I have led myself to believe that I can do the work of ten people, all of whom have a better memory and more time than I do.

The last few weeks have been grueling.

However, just like ADHD and over-scheduling can be a problem, so can boredom. It’s important to me to keep moving, I get bored when I don’t and when I get bored I get depressed. I end up languid and lazy and lounging for hours at a time, seemingly motivated by nothing with the exception of Netflix and food

On the other end of the spectrum is the super busy life I have created for myself in which I workfulltimecrochetmanageablogparentdoggieparentappearonpodcasts and otherwise take on a million projects.

The opposite of boredom for me is often overwhelmed. The way I know it is coming is I find myself desperately searching Pinterest for ways to relax while listening to a podcast on mindfulness while planning a blog post.

This usually gives me the feeling of being hunted and running for my life. My house begins to resemble a dry cleaner’s, laundry strewn everywhere and my mind begins to race. In other words, not a good situation.

If if you were looking for words of wisdom, I don’t have any. I have been the pendulum swaying back and forth between overwhelmed and under scheduled for years. If you have a tip, help us poor saps out: leave it in the comments.

Until il next time,


P. S. This was written during very carefully budgeted Podcast/Pinterest time. Don’t let that sacrifice be in vain.

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