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ADHD and Inadequacy: 4 Comparisons Holding You Back

Many of us struggle with ADHD and inadequacy, The grass is NOT greener on the neurotypical side. We as ADHD folks idealize life w.ithout the disorder. Don't.

Many of us struggle with ADHD and inadequacy. Sometimes we as ADHD folks idealize what life might be without hyperfocus, time blindness and the inability to concentrate on anything. The grass is NOT greener on the neurotypical side.

We spend a great deal of time thinking, “if only I was ‘normal,’ things would be so much better.”?These thought patterns really don’t do us any good, folks.

In fact, our longing and wishing that we were different can really distract us from looking at ourselves in a way that will lead us to be our best, most productive selves. Here are some comparisons that might be holding us back.

1. They don’t have to write things down.

This is a big one, so I put it first. We are very quick to believe that people without ADHD have better brains than we do. Really they are just different brains.

Plenty of people without ADHD have to write things down. Life is incredibly busy for many of us, and no one can remember them all. It’s ok guys, don’t beat yourself up for not being able to remember it. Write it down, and let it go.

2. They have amazing memories.

Cliches are in place for a reason. The stereotype of men forgetting their anniversary is an old one. Do we believe all those men have ADHD?

We have to stop assigning perfect memories because honestly, no one has a perfect memory that always works. Don’t compare yourself to a non-existent standard. If you forget, remember to forgive yourself, and move on (see what I did there?).

3. They are “together.”

ADHD is not the only challenge that exists. We have seen alcoholism, hoarders, people with OCD, depression and etc. Plenty of people are struggling, maybe not with ADHD, but still. Don’t convince yourself that everyone else is more together than you; we all have messy areas, some may just be hidden better.

4. Theirs is a “better” way of thinking.

Would you think that if someone preferred a different color of hair than you, or ate a different style of cuisine that their preference is preferable? Of course not!

Listen, ADHD is no picnic but you are creative, compassionate and cool ( well, I am – I hope you are too). Embrace your uniqueness. It’s no better or worse than anyone else’s.

I know it isn’t easy when you get the ADHD blues. It is easy to believe that everyone is doing better than you are and life is passing you by. The truth is much better: the only person you have to compare yourself to is you.

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3 thoughts on “ADHD and Inadequacy: 4 Comparisons Holding You Back

  1. You come in this world by yourself
    And you leave by yourself

    In the middle!!!
    Be You?

  2. Hey Rene! I’ve finally got round to having a look through your blog and I’m loving it, I compulsively compare myself to other people assuming they’ve got their lives together. If only my brain worked and I’d be as successful as everyone else 😉

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