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I’m just going to put it out there: I’m no housekeeper. I do my best but let’s face it: it takes organization. We all know by now ADHD makes it really,?really?hard to stay organized. So I do the best I can. Even though I’ll never be Martha Stewart, I’ve found 5 ways to keep it just a little more tidy.

1. Keep the common areas clean

Do you have company coming? Chances are they won’t wind up in your bedroom. Pay extra attention to your living room, kitchen and bathroom. If you’re blessed with a dining room too, don’t let everyone stack their junk on that table( a constant battle in my house). We ADHDers love two things: piles and procrastination. Sorry, you can’t have both if you want to conquer this clutter.

2. Put things away near where you use them

If you watch DVDs in your living room, store your DVDs in the living room. If you paint your nails in the kitchen, find a drawer to keep the polish in. In other words, make it foolproof for when the brain-fog days come ( more on that really soon).

3. Stash cleaner and wipes/dust cloths?or paper towels in every room

This has revolutionized my cleaning habits. See, if I wander into another room, something might catch my eye in there, then the dusting will never get done. Therefore if all I have to do is reach for my spray and paper towels, I’ve got a way better chance of getting the TV/coffee table/mirror/whatever random thing wiped up and looking pretty. Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible if you see something distracting on your way to the paper towels. All bets are off then.

4. Don’t wait for the huge mess before you attack

This is one I still struggle with. I like to do things once, do them right and move on. That’s great when you are the only one making messes, but sometimes you just can’t wait. When I see my husband start piling stuff up on a table ( if you think ADHD is fun with one, try it with two!) and I take the other table and start stacking, if we wait until the end of the week it will be like ?Jenga in there. So instead of waiting for it to become a problem, I have to attack it then.

5. Sometimes good enough has to be good enough.

People with ADHD, especially us girls, spend a lot of time thinking about how “normal” people do things. Oh, how we torture ourselves, believing that they have perfectly clean houses with no dust bunnies and everything stays fresh and tidy around the clock. By contrast we see our clutter and piles and defeat ourselves before we even start. If you don’t have time to put everything away, put it in a basket and come back to it. If you can’t vacuum the whole house, vacuum the living room and call it a day. Don’t waste your life making yourself miserable over a mess that isn’t going anywhere anyway. Choose your battles.

I know these tips seem really simple, and they are. There is no magic secret to cleaning, the only thing we can do is make it more palatable. I listen to podcasts to keep my boredom level to a minimum. What’s your favorite cleaning tip? Leave it in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “5 Steps to a Cleaner House

  1. Probably the best thing I’ve ever heard, and the one I (try to) use as my mantra is “you can’t organize clutter.” Basically ABP – Always Be Purgin’. I’m constantly thinning out and throwing away. I keep a box in the living room for donations and every time it’s full it goes to the car. Even gifts I don’t like, want, can’t use, whatever. It’s the thought that counts but it’s getting donated. Like you said, it’s much easier when you only have yourself to deal with, and with kids and their stuff it’s even harder. But getting the useless stuff out in the first place gives you less to have to clean up in the long run.

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