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3 Reasons To Reclaim Your Time

“Reclaiming my time” was the shot heard around the world last week. For me, it solidified something I need to proclaim publicly. It’s time to reclaim your time.

I’ve adopted Maxine Waters.

She doesn’t know it, but she is my spiritual guide, my trusted adviser, and one of my favorite aunties. There is nothing I love better than a black woman who unapologetically speaks her mind, and Auntie Max never disappoints. If you are fortunate ( or unfortunate depending on your perspective) enough to follow me on Facebook ,you likely have seen me giggling over her laying into these politicians who dare to try her.

Last week, Maxine was questioning Treasury Secretary as to why he failed to answer a letter her and some of her esteemed colleagues had sent out. When he tried to feed her a line of bullshit, Maxine reached out and slapped him in the face with the now timeless line “reclaiming my time.” If you missed the exchange, catch it here. I loved it for a couple reasons: 1. The shock on his face that she, a black woman was not waiting patiently for his answer. 2. The continued horror on his face when he realized, not only was she not out of bounds, she was well within her rights to cut him off and demand an answer. 3. Her tenacity and her unwillingness to be fed a line.

It’s Time To Reclaim Your Time

I’m inspired. People will waste your time repeatedly. They will break promises, not show up for you, and sometimes put you down. To them I say: I’m reclaiming my time. Here are 3 reasons why you should too.

  1. You are exhausted – wasting time on people who don’t reciprocate is exhausting. They always want a favor, but never show up even when nothing is demanded of them. Have you ever wondered why you feel like all your time has been eaten up by stuff that has nothing to do with you? It’s because of time-suckers like them. Go reclaim it.
  2. That free time you now have can be spent on somebody more important. You.– Let me introduce you to this life you’re about to reclaim: it’s good. That sense of constant frustration and exasperation you feel? When your time belongs to you again, you won’t feel it. Do not leave your time in the hands of people who will waste it. There are many renewable resources on the planet, time is not one of them. Get cautious about where you spend yours. It’s not selfish, it’s self care. Reclaim your time.
  3. That time can be healing – Reclaim your time and use it to heal yourself. You have been used by people. They have let you down. You’ve been stuck in situations because you depended on people who weren’t there when you needed them. Take this reclaimed time and use it to heal. Don’t walk around damaged to satisfy people who don’t give a damn anyway.

Next steps

The next time somebody tries to sell you on a song and dance, say to yourself (or directly to them, depending on how you want it) “reclaiming my time.” Then turn on your heel and walk away. That’s power, and you are powerful. Now go out there and reclaim your time. I’ll sure be reclaiming mine.

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